Cones : Sterling Silver Findings

A classic cone finding has a small round hole at the top and a large round hole at the bottom; it is hollow inside and the walls are usually smooth. Jewelry designers use cones to hide a transition from multiple strands of chain, bead wire or other jewelry making fiber to a single connection near a jewelry closure. A wire-wrap or eye pin holds multiple strands and the cone covers the connection point between the strands and the wire wrap. Our Cones are available in Sterling Silver, Silver Filled, Gold Filled, Antique Brass, Base Metal Plated and Pewter. Browse our wholesale website to view our Cones below.

Market Price 04/16/2021 EST: 

Sterling Silver: $25.58

Gold: $1757.20

Wholesale jewelry supply sells findings to the trade and specializes in wholesale beads and jewelry making supplies. Our wholesale jewelery findings and bead supplies are of the finest quality with rock bottom prices and personalized customer service that can't be rivaled. Supplying the world in the  wholesale jewellery supply trade for over 30 years! 

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