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This week’s Customer Spotlight goes to Wild Prairie Silver in Casco, WI!!

Joy loves to play with fire, this is a trait of all metalsmiths... being a pyromaniac. She loves to mix fire, metal & stone which by accident or design makes her a jeweler. She is self-taught for the most part and really enjoys making the entire piece right down to every little component.

Joy is by education and devotion an RN. For sixteen years she worked as both a jeweler and an RN. After 20 years of being in the nursing field she decided to finally give up that vocation. While she misses being a nurse she loves being a full time jeweler more.

Joy is married and has two children. Her family was the really the start of her jewelry business. They chose to have one of them stay home with the kids while they were infants. She stayed home and began making things in her spare time. She had no idea where that would lead. She also had no idea that she had any skill or a passion for what she now loves so much.  It's been a wonderful journey of learning and creating. It's been a pleasure to be home and be a mom and have a trade, become skilled at a fine craft, and run a business.

Inspiration? Where does it come from? Joy gets that question all the time, especially with her unique stone pieces. Her inspiration often comes in dreams or lost thoughts, times when she is doing something else and the idea just floats into her head... it's a very organic process and a design is never any good if the thoughts are forced. Other inspirations come from her surroundings that she loves: the outdoors, kids, birds, flowers, flowing water, trees, religious symbols, everyday wonders in nature, biology, and science: design is everywhere.

Precio de Mercado 16/04/21 Hora Estándar del Este: 

Plata Esterlina: $25.58

Oro: $1757.20

Wholesale Jewelry Suply 20 Fifth Avenue Cranston Rhode Island 02910 TELÉFONO: 1.877.437.5375 FAX: 1.401.467.6006

We are a wholesale jewelry supply that sells only to the trade and specializes in wholesale beads and jewelry making supplies. Our wholesale jewelery findings and bead supplies are of the finest quality with rock bottom prices and personalized customer service that can't be rivaled. Supplying the wholesale jewellery supply trade for over 25 years!

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