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This week’s Customer Spotlight goes to Honor Emblem in Greenville, SC.

Tim and Melanie make Jewelry that Honors people. They use timeless words and symbols to make Jewelry for your Body and Soul. Their EMBLEMS are made to represent the deeper truths about who you are. They give Strength in the way they Heal, Empower, and encourage you. That's the power of giving Honor. You, your family, your friends, and every human being have dignity and worth - a Life worth living and a Story worth sharing. They believe in finding the best in people. We are all misfits but that also means we all have something in common. We need to love and be loved. They also believe that, as great as receiving is, it is truly better to give than to receive. Tim and Melanie hope that over time everyone who purchases their jewelry will eventually find someone else to honor with an EMBLEM of their own.

Honor Emblem is a small Mom & Pop business. When Tim’s wife, Melanie, and he aren't making Jewelry, Tim works construction painting houses here in Greenville, and Melanie is serving kids breakfast and lunch as a lunch lady at a local public school. They have two boys Noa and Levi - age 13 and 11, so they are busy with homework, sporting events, church and community events, and everything else under the sun. And Boomie, their yellow English Lab, is the newest member of their family. They can't imagine life without him.

Each EMBLEM is made of heavy metal - made to last a lifetime. They are each hand-casted and hand-finished in a small foundry here in America, giving one-of-a-kind character to each and every pendant. We currently work with Red Bronze, White Bronze, and Sterling Silver. We design and create from our home here in Greenville, SC USA.

Precio de Mercado 16/04/21 Hora Estándar del Este: 

Plata Esterlina: $25.58

Oro: $1757.20

Wholesale Jewelry Suply 20 Fifth Avenue Cranston Rhode Island 02910 TELÉFONO: 1.877.437.5375 FAX: 1.401.467.6006

We are a wholesale jewelry supply that sells only to the trade and specializes in wholesale beads and jewelry making supplies. Our wholesale jewelery findings and bead supplies are of the finest quality with rock bottom prices and personalized customer service that can't be rivaled. Supplying the wholesale jewellery supply trade for over 25 years!

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