An Introductory to Gold

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Solid, Filled or Plated?

14kt gold contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals, making it 58.3% gold. It is alloyed with other metals for durability, cost and color. This is one of the most expensive options for gold jewelry, however it is ideal if you have metal allergies.

Gold filled is a thick layer of 14kt or better gold mechanically bonded under heat and pressure to one or more surfaces of a supporting base metal.  It must make up at least 5% of the total weight of the piece. Gold fill is a great option for affordable jewelry that will have a reasonably long life.

Gold plate is a very thin layer of gold, usually .5 to 3 microns thick, over a base metal. This is a very inexpensive option for a temporary way to have a gold look. Eventually, the plating will wear and would need to be re-plated.

Gold Vermeil is a layer of at least 10K gold over sterling silver. This is a good alternative to solid gold as it is less expensive and is ideal for anyone with skin allergies to other base metals.

Rose Gold is created by increasing the copper colored alloys found in gold and decreasing the silver colored alloys, giving it a beautiful soft pink finish.

Alloys account for a small portion of the metal used but they have a significant impact on the overall color of the gold jewelry.

Nickel + Palladium or Silver + Zinc = White Gold

Silver + Copper = Yellow Gold

Gold + Copper = Rose Gold

Caring for gold jewelry

Gold is a very soft metal and should be treated with care.

Use gentle soap and water with a soft bristled brush will to bring back its shine and luster.

Be careful using a polishing cloth as some can contain unsafe ingredients for gold.

It is not recommended to shower with any type of jewelry on.

It should be kept in an air tight bag, away from sunlight and moisture.

You should avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, hair products and dish soaps.







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