Fun with Links and Chain

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Fun with Links and Chain 


When it comes to making and designing jewelry, Chain is a favorite component to work with. I mean most of the time… when it’s not tangled in knots or twisted into a puzzle.There are hundreds of styles of chain, tons of metals in just about any finish you can imagine. Chain can be incorporated into jewelry in so many different ways. When it comes to functionality, chains can be used to extend the length of a favorite necklace, or to make a safety catch on a treasured bracelet. Most people think of chain necklaces as the way to hang a pendant or pretty focal. But there is so much more to it then that. 

Chain is defined as a series of flexible connected links made of metal or other materials used for securing objects and pulling loads. But chain is far from simple. Chain can be made out of different materials and has been used in several different ways throughout history. The ancient Egyptians were among the first to use chains for adornment and thought of them as lucky. So lucky that they would start wars over the precious metals. In the middle ages tight chain mail was used in protective clothing and although heavy, It could prevent unwanted piercings by the wearer. Chain mail today is big in the world of jewelry. Jump rings of various gauges and sizes can be used to create intricate designs that literally let you make jewelry from scratch, although you may also need some patience! My favorite use of chain is linking together semi precious stones to make long necklaces that can be worn as is, or wrapped around several times for a layered look. I find making wire loops to hang beads on a chain is fun and rewarding as is hanging it in layers with beads mixed in. Chain earrings make easy shoulder dusters and really show off your favorite beads. You can use chains to make tassels for a necklace, or even tassel earrings.

Let’s face it, while we all love the look of sterling chain, no one really wants to polish it. One of the newest things in the chain world of jewelry making is E-coated Chain. This chain has a protective coating that will keep it looking new by resisting tarnish. Copper and brass chains can give you a more casual look, and enameled chains can be found in every color. Some chains have open links that make adding or taking away links quick and painless. But pre-cut lengths of chain are available to save the pain of cutting precious metals.  Chain is available as ready made necklaces, bracelets and by the foot so you can really play with it. 

Chain is so much more than something to hang a pendant on. It symbolizes not only strength, but is only as strong as its weakest link (you are the weakest link. Goodbye!) It is a versatile jewelry finding that has many applications. There are super fine and delicate chains, as well as huge statement chains preferred by hip hop artists around the world. No matter what your style preference grab some chain and have some fun and let’s see what you come up with!

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