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Bright, round and shining like the sun!

We are proud to announce a wonderful new addition to our extensive jewelry supply inventory - Semi Precious Gemstone Beads. Treasured for their beauty and durability throughout history, these colored lovelies are the perfect addition to summer jewelry designs.

Like the kaleidoscope of nature we are now enjoying, we offer semi precious gemstone beads in a great range of colors like Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Hematite, Jade and many more. Your imagination will love the springy green color of the Aventurine bead, or the endless sky/sea blue of the Sodalite bead. Pink sherbet colors like the Rose Quartz bead and the metallic bronzed tan color of the Goldstone bead. These Semi Precious Gemstone Beads are here to make it a truly sensational summer!

Buy them by the strand of beautiful, glimmering color and enjoy 4 great sizes ranging from 4MM to 10MM depending on your design needs.

Truly, these beads at wholesale are Grade “A” quality and in keeping with the commitment of bringing you excellence and consistency. Our Semi Precious Gemstone Beads are mostly flawless, offering bright coloration and a drilled hole so your beaded designs will hang perfectly.

Round, bold and beautiful, these Semi Precious Gemstone Beads are made for sun shiny days and warm summer evenings. So color your world!

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five for five

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The Power of Five

Five just became your lucky number, with the Wholesale Jewelry Supply 5 for 5 promotion! Buy any 5 new items and receive a 5%. Of course some exclusions do apply, but with the new item additions – there are plenty of wonderful items to choose from. This lovely offer is good through June 28th, so put the power of five to work for you today.

Number one on our list for favorite new item might be the Swarovski crystal beads in gorgeous summer colors.

The second new addition we love is the lobster claw. Honestly what says summer better than lobster, ha! Anyway these little beauties are sure to be a great addition to any jewelry-making project, with brass, sterling silver, base metal, gold plated and more. This is a top jewelry supply staple.

Coming in third on our list are the jewelry charms. Sand dollars and starfish have to be our favorites and the little seashell charms are a must have for bracelet designs.

Four and fabulous, are the new Semi Precious Gemstone Beads. Mostly flawless, our Semi Precious Gemstone Beads offer bright coloration and a drilled hole so your beaded designs will hang perfectly.

Rounding out the 5th new feature we are offering so many new chains in different sizes and configurations. Truly we have added so many beautiful new additions to jewelry chains, it’s hard to pick!

Just purchase 5 new items and receive a 5% discount on your order. Click here to view the new additions . It’s that simple to harness the power of five. Enjoy!

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Beads Transformed

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Bead Transformed!

Ever notice how beads help make the jewelry world go round? They are the essential jewelry making supply, possibly of all time.

Now that it’s nearly summer with cookouts for holiday weekends and graduations, everyone is flashing the latest jewelry trends – including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. All made with gorgeous beads and all made with love. It all starts with a seed of a design or better yet a bead for the design!

It’s truly amazing how beads can be transformed from one shining lovely loner into a wearable work of art. Go no further in your quest for beads, as Wholesale Jewelry Supply is the premier source for all types of jewelry beads.

We offer beads in sterling silver, gold filled, base metal plated, antique brass, silver filled, genuine copper, antique copper and pewter beads. Jewelry making beads galore! Need we say more?

So hats off (or caps off) to all those grads and sun lovers out there! Beads are transformed from the everyday with our great selection of Bead Caps (truly a cap for beads). Bead Caps are a bowl shaped precious metal mainly used to cover beads, camouflage drill holes or hold them firmly in place giving a textured, decorative and finished appearance. Whatever jewelry you are making with glorious beads, we offer bead caps to match in smooth, tulip, flower and bell designs. All perfect for this time of year!

Happy Beading!

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