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Everyday Silver Lining

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Some days it’s sunny and some days it rains, but regardless of weather there is always a silver lining in the clouds. We’ve all heard the expressions and today we comparing the skies to the art of jewelry.

We take the silver lining approach to jewelry and the fluctuations of pricing on gold and silver. As part of our commitment to you, we have developed the most comprehensive silver-filled line for you to choose from. Wholesale Jewelry Supply has the everyday silver lining!

From ear wires to headpins and jump rings to chain, all are manufactured with a 10% layer of .925 sterling silver bonded to a brass core. These silver filled findings possess all the qualities of sterling silver. Complete beauty and quality you have come to expect but at a competitive price - you can afford.

In that same spirit of silver linings, we wear gold and silver pricing “on our sleeve” and post daily market pricing of gold and silver on our home page. By keeping you informed with no surprises, the purchasing forecast can always be sunny.

With over 27 categories of silver filled jewelry findings, Wholesale Jewelry Supply is the source. Just take a peek at the thousands of silver filled jewelry supplies we have in stock .

Buy low, sell high. Purchase your finding from the trusted source and turn findings into gorgeous jewelry where the sky is the limit. Shine on and enjoy your everyday silver linings!

Your friends at Wholesale Jewelry Supply.

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Ode to Ear Wires - !0 Ways to Love them

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Just because
We admit it; we have a passion for ear wires. The simple ones and the fancy! We just can’t get enough. In fact, here at Wholesale Jewelry Supply, we have 1000’s of ear wires in stock! So, in honor of one of our favorite jewelry findings, we have put together this “ode to ear wires.”

Ear wires make for beautiful earrings
Lovely earrings start with lovely ear wires. Let’s face it, there is something glamorous about a dangling earring. Want to shimmer and shine? Order today and we ship within two business days.

All shapes and sizes
No matter what style of earring being created, there seems to be an ear wire to match for inspiration. Wholesale Jewelry Supply has over 40 types of ear wires. Get inspired!

Shiny objects
Jewelry makers have the lock on shiny. We love the shine of metals as much as you do.

They never go out of style
Ear wires are forever. Need we say more?

Millions of earrings can’t be wrong
Earrings are everywhere, designed with ear wires. They can add drama, or a touch of whimsy – they can be cute or completely glam. The world of style adores ear wires.

What’s not to love
Ear wires are curvy. Ear wires are pure inspiration. They are the starting point for countless earrings and come in many shapes that contain loops, balls, and coils. We love ear wires, don’t you?

Style statement
Ear wires just say lovely. They are the “it” girl of earrings. Our ear wires are made available in the popular kidney shape as well as the original ear wire loop and fancy ear wire design.

Ear wires are beautiful naked
Before ear wires ever become part of a gorgeous earring, they are lovely on their own. Take a peek at one of our favorites, with nothing on. Fancy Sterling Sliver Ear wire

Can’t pick just one
Our team here at Wholesale Jewelry Supply can’t seem to choose a favorite ear wire. We offer Sterling Silver, Silver Filled, Gold Filled, Antique Brass, Copper and Base Metal Plated. What will you create today?

Shine on my friends!

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Yesterday & Today

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With the renewal of springtime the world is fresh and new, with browner shades of nature turning instantly brighter. Not to be outdone, the company has completed our very own transformation with a recently announced name change!

Truly a company in bloom! Offering the wonderful service, and jewelry supply products you have come to expect, but with a name that truly reflects who we are today. So without further ado…we are proud to announce our newly minted company name - - Wholesale Jewelry Supply Company.

At a time like this, it’s always fun to stroll down memory lane and take a peek at the very beginning of the company. Founded in 1985, and for 28 wonderful years, we called ourselves Foreign Source LTD. Happily and successfully serving the jewelry and beading industries for many years, the company has a history of excellence and commitment to customer service. Proudly, nothing has changed – except our name.

Wholesale Jewelry Supply Company truly says it all. We provide the best source for findings and supplies, which you need to make beautiful jewelry. We thank you for 28 colorful years and look forward to another 28 more. Happy Spring everyone!

Your friends at Wholesale Jewelry Supply.

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Plata Esterlina: $28.25

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We are a wholesale jewelry supply that sells only to the trade and specializes in wholesale beads and jewelry making supplies. Our wholesale jewelery findings and bead supplies are of the finest quality with rock bottom prices and personalized customer service that can't be rivaled. Supplying the wholesale jewellery supply trade for over 25 years!

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