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Benefits of Ordering Online

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There are many benefits to placing an order with us online. A few of the many advantages are:

Creates relaxed ordering from a full product menu.

Remembers past orders and you can clone an order you’ve placed in the past.

Saves time, as choosing a product is as quick as a click.

There is no need to wait on hold for customer service, however, we are always here and available if any questions come up.

Once an online account is established with Wholesale Jewelry Supply, customers have the opportunity to place their orders online anytime, day or night, at their convenience from any internet device.
Register today at www.wholesale to receive a promo code for 20% off your first order and to see just how convenient ordering online really is!

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Leather cord braiding can be simple and basic all the way to fancy and complex. Start with the basic three stringed braid and develop your skills from there. Watch the video, courtesy of Antelope Beads,  below for a quick tutorial:

Browse our Leather Cord inventory. We have any color you could possible think of to braid to your heart’s content. Make some colorful leather wrap bracelets for holiday gifts! Leather combined with links, charms or pendants and button clasps come together to create beautiful, unique gifts!

Visit our website, or contact one of our friendly customer service reps today!

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Using Stretch Magic®

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We are all very time challenged these days and sometimes our busy lives give us very little time to spend on our hobbies. Stretch Magic® is a great product to help you make a bracelet in just minutes, with only a few products and essentially no jewelry making skills.

Stretch bracelets can be made with all kinds of gemstones, fancy beads and pearls. They are a fun and simple way to make a gorgeous accessory, and as a bonus, your finished piece will slip on and off with ease.

Please note that if you are using particularly heavy beads, you can use a thicker cord. Here at Wholesale Jewelry Supply, we carry many different gauges of Stretch Magic®, and you can buy a large professional spool for your business, or just a blister card for personal use.

The great thing about stretch bracelets is that you can be more random in your pattern or make multiples of them to layer together. It is a great way to use up random beads you have left over from other projects.

Check out the videos below for some instruction on tying a knot with Stretch Magic® (Courtesy of Stretch Magic®) as well as a simple instructional video on making a Stretch Bracelet (Courtesy of beadshop1).

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Personalized Jewelry

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Engrave a message of love, encouragement, or hope. There is nothing more special than a piece of jewelry with a special engraved message from someone who loves you. Our hammered rings and blank pendants would be the perfect piece to get your message across.

Silver dog tag lockets are a timeless trend. This is a trend that began during the American Civil War. Soldiers started pinning paper notes with their name and home address to the backs of their coats while others would stencil their identification on their knapsacks or scratched it in their Army belt buckle. Manufacturers took notice of this and started the distribution of dog tags. We all know how proud our military men are of their service. Why not have one of our specialized dog tags engraved with a special message of gratitude?

Our alphabet beads can be used on our beading chain to spell out a special message, or just simply initials. These are often the first piece of jewelry a young girl gets and they are usually kept for a lifetime as a sentimental piece.

Personalize a piece of jewelry to tailor to someone’s needs, and you can be sure it will be cherished for years and years to come.

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