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We already know that jewelry trends tend to be cyclical. Every twenty years or so we can pretty much count on the resurgence of the past in all things fashion, including Jewelry. Do you remember Y2K? Doesn’t seem like all that long ago to me, but apparently, it’s been 20 years! The turn of a century naturally brings optimism and excitement. It is a new era filled with hope and promise. In 2000 there was also the uncertainty of what could happen when computers formatted with two-digit years would send us back to the 1900’s instead of forward creating chaos in the new year? That possibility was a big question mark that had people guessing. The mixture of optimism and uncertainty seems to fit in perfectly with today's post covid mood of excitement, hope and making up for Last summer.

  How does this mood translate to Jewelry? Bright bold colorful designs made for fun and play are regaining popularity. Playful pieces that don’t take themselves too seriously, in bright bold colors. Smiley faces from the 70’s turned into emojis used in the 2000’s and are back again in 2021. Big bold designs like bright statement rings made from resin, and necklaces with bright rainbows of color. Whimsical themes are all in the fun with butterflies, daisy chains and charms with a kidcore aesthetic. Chunky metals and colorful plastic links create fun and funky necklaces. Hoop earrings are a classic and never out of style, but right now they are the go-to earring in any size and style. Bright colors of pearls in candy like colors play well with others and adds to this Y2k jewelry comeback.

 After the last few years of missing our friends and family getting together, we are all embracing fun and playful once more. Who doesn’t want to be happy and positive about the future and the fortitude of the human race? Now is the time to design jewelry with a childlike sense of fun your customers will embrace. It’s time to play once again! Fun bright and chunky jewelry that will put a smile on your face, and the face of the people you meet.

Market Price 05/30/2023 EST: 

Sterling Silver: $23.14

Gold: $1947.90

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