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We are all very time challenged these days and sometimes our busy lives give us very little time to spend on our hobbies. Stretch Magic® is a great product to help you make a bracelet in just minutes, with only a few products and essentially no jewelry making skills.

Stretch bracelets can be made with all kinds of gemstones, fancy beads and pearls. They are a fun and simple way to make a gorgeous accessory, and as a bonus, your finished piece will slip on and off with ease.

Please note that if you are using particularly heavy beads, you can use a thicker cord. Here at Wholesale Jewelry Supply, we carry many different gauges of Stretch Magic®, and you can buy a large professional spool for your business, or just a blister card for personal use.

The great thing about stretch bracelets is that you can be more random in your pattern or make multiples of them to layer together. It is a great way to use up random beads you have left over from other projects.

Check out the videos below for some instruction on tying a knot with Stretch Magic® (Courtesy of Stretch Magic®) as well as a simple instructional video on making a Stretch Bracelet (Courtesy of beadshop1).

Market Price 07/19/2019 EST: 

Sterling Silver: $16.03

Gold: $1417.45

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