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What comes around…


When it comes to fashion and jewelry, what comes around goes around and everything old is eventually new again. We hear that all the time with good reason. Fashion is cyclical and the best of the trends of the past, will make another appearance at least once in your future.

Pearls are making a comeback this year. Maybe it’s due to the fact that pearls seem to scream femininity and badass all at the same time. Pearls are a staple to the first female and current VP and glass has been breaking all over the place! So stop thinking of pearls in terms of your grandma’s necklace. Speaking of grandmother's, mine had a great style. And while I do have some necklaces that belonged to her, this ring is my most treasured item. I like to imagine this ring was with her in the roaring 20’s having a blast. 

These days pearls are no longer limited to a few colors. Cultured freshwater pearls can be found dyed in a rainbow of colors, and pearls of crystal or glass come in an even larger variety of colors and finishes never available before. New shapes have also been created that make modern pearl jewelry updated and create visual interest. Mix it up and create an exciting piece of jewelry with classic pearls.

You can pair the elegant pearl with unexpected found objects, lampwork beads, or natural rough gemstones to create fresh new looks out of this classic comeback gemstone. From long opera length to pearl clutching length, pearls make a statement. They can stand on their own linked together with precious metal wire and simple wrapped loops, or be incorporated into new and unexpected complex designs. 

Although trends come and go and ebb and flow, pearls will never be out completely out of style.The next time you are looking for inspiration, look to the past, put your spin on it, and you may start a “New” trend!

Market Price 05/07/2021 EST: 

Sterling Silver: $26.72

Gold: $1813.15

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