The Ears Have It

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The Ears Have It

For as long as humans have been wearing jewelry, earrings have been the go-to accessory for adding the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Necklaces are nice and bracelets are fun but earrings are the one accessory you should never be without. From dainty sunshine posts to long shoulder dusters earrings can make any outfit special and exciting.

 Savvy jewelry designers and shop owners know earrings are the staple of a person's jewelry collection. They are fun to make and easy to sell. They can be made to fit almost any budget, and who doesn’t want to buy a cute pair of earrings to remind them of that romantic trip or special day out. Earrings come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect gift for just about anyone. Earrings are no longer just for the ladies as gentlemen, and gender fluid people love the look and style earrings they give them. Mix matched earrings are also making a comeback, so they no longer have to be sold in pairs!

 Whether taking center stage or laying subtly back, No outfit is really complete without them. Earrings can be super simple and made in minutes, or extravagant taking days, or even weeks to complete. The options are endless, and just about anything goes. As long as they are not too heavy for the wearer, nothing is off the table or the lobe! Conventional materials as well as the unexpected. Forget about the arm party, the ears are taking front and center this year. The more the merrier seems to apply and people are wearing multiple adornments on their ears. Mixes of studs and cuffs, as well as ear climbers mix and match to create edgy or elegant styles. As simple as a safety pin on a hook or complicated hand woven beads in intricate patterns, Everyone can enjoy this trend. So make sure you have a great selection on hand and have some fun making them! They will always be a big seller! 

Market Price 09/28/2022 EST: 

Sterling Silver: $18.68

Gold: $1634.30

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