Tarnish Free: Living Your Jewelry's Best Life

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First things first, what is tarnishing? Tarnish is the dust, dirt and oils your jewelry collects from day-to-day wear. Tarnish can be accrued even when not in use from sitting on shelves. However, the more often jewelry is worn, the more tarnish will appear. Working out and showering while wearing jewelry are main contributors to tarnish. Wearing jewelry 24/7 will significantly increase the amount of tarnish on your jewelry.

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to decrease or prevent tarnish from building on your jewelry. You can use a polishing cloth to wipe away any sweat and oil on your pieces. Afterwards, place your jewelry in a plastic or polybag to keep your jewelry clean and moisture free. 

Another step you can take is to use a high gloss spray paint product to add a protective layer to your jewelry. Make sure to spray in a well ventilated area and spray about a foot away. To guarantee coverage, hang your jewelry or lay it on a piece of cardboard and flip over once dry to spray the other side.

Be sure to check out ElleKosGlam’s and azizajewelry's videos  to see this approach in action!

Both techniques can be used on sterling silver, gold-plated, bronze and costume jewelry. Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your jewelry in pristine condition? 

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