Nina Designs - Now Available from WJS!

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We are thrilled to carry the inspirational and stunning charms and findings from Nina Designs!

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Personalized Jewelry

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Engrave a message of love, encouragement, or hope. There is nothing more special than a piece of jewelry with a special engraved message from someone who loves you. Our hammered rings and blank pendants would be the perfect piece to get your message across.

Silver dog tag lockets are a timeless trend. This is a trend that began during the American Civil War. Soldiers started pinning paper notes with their name and home address to the backs of their coats while others would stencil their identification on their knapsacks or scratched it in their Army belt buckle. Manufacturers took notice of this and started the distribution of dog tags. We all know how proud our military men are of their service. Why not have one of our specialized dog tags engraved with a special message of gratitude?

Our alphabet beads can be used on our beading chain to spell out a special message, or just simply initials. These are often the first piece of jewelry a young girl gets and they are usually kept for a lifetime as a sentimental piece.

Personalize a piece of jewelry to tailor to someone’s needs, and you can be sure it will be cherished for years and years to come.

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Market Price 09/25/2023 EST: 

Sterling Silver: $23.65

Gold: $1927.35

Wholesale jewelry supply sells findings to the trade and specializes in wholesale beads and jewelry making supplies. Our wholesale jewelery findings and bead supplies are of the finest quality with rock bottom prices and personalized customer service that can't be rivaled. Supplying the world in the  wholesale jewellery supply trade for over 30 years! 

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