The Beginners Guide to Swarovski Beads

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The biggest name in beads has to be Swarovski!

Adding Swarovski beads can really help to elevate a design and are great for any occasion.


Loose beads are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 3mm to 12mm. Larger beads are easier to work with but small beads can complete the finishing touches on delicate jewelry.


Swarovski beads are available in many different finishes, which vary in price. The most popular are listed below:


This is a standard color finish. Many (but not all) colors are available in a regular and a 'light' version. Colors across the spectrum are available, including clear, black, red, pink and many more.


Short for 'aurora borealis,' this is a coating that is applied to some crystals to give them a rainbow-like effect. The AB coating is applied to one side of the crystal, while a standard color is applied to the other side of the crystal. The AB finish is available in combination with many (but again not all) of the colors in the Swarovski range. Crystal beads with the AB finish are typically more expensive than those with a standard color finish.


This finish is a double application of the aurora borealis finish, covering the entire crystal, often over a color treatment covering the entire crystal underneath.


The satin finish is not applied as an exterior coating, but is part of the original manufacturing process. It can add an additional richness to the crystal's color.

Golden Shadow

This finish adds a golden effect to crystals and makes these beads particularly well-suited to projects with a vintage style.


The CAL-2X finish is applied to the entire crystal, and gives it the appearance of a silver bead. CAL, an abbreviation of 'Comet Argent Light,' adds a silvery sheen to the crystal. It is available combined with many of the Swarovski colors, adding a silver effect on one side and a color effect on the other.


Swarovski beads come in a large variety of shapes. The most popular for jewelry are round, barrel, bicone, teardrop, oval and cube. Fun shapes like flowers, hearts and butterflies are available as well. Swarovski pendants add a beautiful focal point to any piece of jewelry and are available in different shapes and colors to complement a range of designs. Swarovski pearls are also available on our website. The innovative technology by Swarovski gives the pearl a mysterious glow, which appears to be radiating from the pearl itself.


You can refer to the color chart below to help with your bead selection.


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Sterling Silver: $18.68

Gold: $1634.30

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