Summer Loving

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Summer Loving

Now that the pandemic is subsiding and vaccination rates are rising, people are more than ready to get back out and see friends and family. We are excited to get back to vacations, family gatherings, and social events of all kinds. While it may not have mattered much whether you even brushed your hair last summer, it’s time to polish up your appearance and get out in the world again! Summer has always been a season of less clothes and more adornments like jewelry. You may be wearing shorts and a tank, but jewelry will make you look put together and well styled with little effort.

While we all want to show off our newest bling this summer, it’s important to remember that summer can be harsh on all including jewelry. Sea water, pool chemicals, sun, sand, and even sweat can damage your jewelry in record time, so make sure you take good care of those treasured pieces. I have often been asked if it’s okay to swim while wearing metal jewelry, and the answer is always no. While precious metals like gold and platinum are very durable, unless you are wearing solid gold, there are alloys in your jewelry. Pool chemicals attack the alloys in the metal leaving microscopic bubbles inside making the metal weaker and more brittle. Another reason not to wear jewelry in the pool or ocean is there is always the chance that it may come off and be lost forever. You may have heard of the cold-water shrinking phenomenon where Cool water can cause your appendages to shrink, increasing the chance of jewelry slipping off and becoming lost.

We all want to shine in summer, especially this year. So, wear the jewelry you love, but take extra precautions to safeguard your prized possessions. Make sure you have a safe place to stow your stash when you go for a swim or plan to be outside for an extended period of time. Show off Your favorite pieces of jewelry this summer just make sure you show them some love!

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