National Orange Wine Day

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    Autumn is here and with the changing leaves comes red, orange, and yellow hues. As you bundle up for the chilly weather consider sipping some orange wine in honor of Nation Orange Wine Day. Yes, you read that correctly, orange wine. It is not created from oranges nor orange grapes as one might expect. It is instead made from white grapes that are fermented with their skins and seeds still on, similar to how red wine is made. This is where the orange color comes from. Orange wine is not a new trend, it has been traced back over 6,000 years ago in the country of Georgia.

    Orange wines are often described as robust and bold, it is teasingly recommended to be sitting down when trying an orange wine for the first time. As always, make sure to pair your wine with an appropriate snack or dish. Foods with rich, salty, or smoky flavors tend to go well with orange wine. Such as smoked salmon, prosciutto and parmesan. Once you have found the bottle you prefer, start experimenting with more bold foods. Ethnic foods such as Moroccan and Indian dishes pair well, my favorite being a chicken vindaloo. 

Have you tried an orange wine? How do you like it compared to the more common reds, whites, and blush wines? Have you found the ideal pairing for an orange wine?

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