How to Pick Jewelry for a Loved One

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Choosing jewelry for that special someone can be a daunting task. Jewelry is lasting, customizable and versatile. With so many options out there, how do you pick the right piece?

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Step 1: The first thing to take note of if your giftee's wardrobe. Do they tend to wear silver or gold? Do they like simple designs or making bold statements? Have they ever mentioned a favorite designer? Is the jewelry designed to be a special occasion item or a daily item? If it's a daily item, is it meant to be diversifying a collection or replacing an older item?

Step 2: After narrowing down your search, the next step is making sure the gift is meaningful and/or practical. The piece could reflect on a memory you share or maybe the first time you two met. Perhaps you met on the beach so you find a necklace with a starfish on it. If the memory connected to the gift isn't obvious, perhaps include a photograph from the event with your gift. You may have noticed your friend always digging in their bag for bobby pins, a practical piece of jewelry would be getting a necklace that also stores bobby pins. Practical gifts show that you notice the little things, and that you care about their wellbeing.

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Step 3: If you are nearing the end of your decision but you are still not 100% certain about your gift, don't be afraid to ask mutual friends or family members. Getting a second opinion can help you see things you may have missed. You can either bring someone to the store with you or show them pictures of the pieces of jewelry you're considering.

Step 4: A second opinion can also point out if the gift is too extravagant. If the recipient themselves can't afford the gift, if may make them feel uneasy and like they can't reciprocate properly. This does depend on the relationship you have with the person- disparities might not weigh so heavily with family as it would with friends. The exception to this rule tends to be engagement rings, but that is a whole different ball game.

Step 5: The important part is that they can tell you put thought into the gift and that they will want to wear it. To be extra safe, try to buy something that can be exchanged. Have you ever given or received jewelry from a loved one? What made it special?

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