What are Jewelry Findings?

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Finding Closure

If you mention findings to someone that is not in the jewelry business, they will not know what you are talking about. Findings? Things you have found? No. Well, maybe. Findings as it refers to the craft of jewelry making, encompasses all the small metal parts and pieces that hold your designs together and make it function. The term Findings as it relates to jewelry seems odd but makes perfect sense when you learn it’s origin. The term was coined by jewelers themselves when all jewelry was handmade. After the bulk of a piece was finished, they would use the scraps of metal around their workbench to make the closures and fasteners to finish the piece and make it function.

How do you know what finding to use and when? Choices in the realm of findings can be overwhelming. Take into consideration the overall style of the piece as well as the end user. Do you need a clasp that is easy to secure, or something unique that will actually serve as a part of your design? As we delve deeper into the world of findings, you will gain insight and information on Wholesale Jewelry Supplies vast selection and how to use them both conventionally, and in some creative new ways. With jewelry making, you are free to take liberties and use creativity to use findings in unique ways that will make your jewelry stand out! Jewelry making is a creative process so if you can make it work, the sky’s the limit. Components can be used in any way you can imagine, even when it’s not for their intended purpose.

Jewelry findings are typically made of metal, but again, there are no rules to your creative energy and there are so many modern man-made materials that can be used. Historically, gold and silver were two of the most popular metals used in findings. These days, metal findings come in just about any color or finish. You can find metal plated finishes in a range of colors to accentuate whatever is on your bench. I hope to be able to showcase some unconventional creative uses of findings in my upcoming posts. 

Market Price 01/31/2023 EST: 

Sterling Silver: $23.63

Gold: $1924.10

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