Fall Florals

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Flowers are a fantastic addition to any home. They brighten up spaces and can do wonders for your health. A Harvard study showed that flowers can increase compassion, reduce negative feelings, and increase work ethic. 

Photo by Niki Nagy

The first step is to gather vases (or other containers) that you have available to put flowers in.

The second step is to pick out the flowers. This can go a couple of ways. You can either stick to one color to keep a simple aesthetic or go for the wow factor with a wider palette. For both, you will need to get three different types of flowers.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay

Thriller - the statement flowers is where the majority of the budget will go. These are plants that add drama or height like a snapdragon. Between 3-6 flowers should be enough for the average arrangement. 

Filler - these are less expensive flowers, like petunias, that are used to add volume and background color to the piece. 

Spiller - these are vines or flowers like bacopa that go around the edge to complete the picture.

The third and final step is arrangement. Trim all the flowers to fit the vase of your choice and fill it partially with water, if you overflow the vase it may result in the flowers having a shorter life expectancy.  The statement flowers should be in the center of the vase. The fillers should then be spaced out around the statement flowers and the silhouettes fill in the rest. This arrangement allows the boutique to be viewed from all angles.

Have you recently put a bouquet together, or have plans to do so? Let us know in the comments, and even better if you have photos!

Photo by Heather Bozman 

Includes yellow mums, orange Peruvians lilies and carnation flowers

To learn more about how flowers affect your wellbeing, check out the Society of American Florists’ page about the benefits of florals.

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