Jewelry Chains, Which to Choose?

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There are so many different types of chains to use in jewelry making, it can be hard to decide which kind to use for your next design. I've listed a few of our most popular chains and what they are best used for.

These chains are available in various metals and plate colors. There are many options to choose from on our website. I recommend experimenting with the new Rose Gold Filled chain we have. We also offer a wide variety of Sterling Silver/Gold-Filled/Plated Base Metal chain as well.

Ball/Bead Chain: this chain has round beads fixed along the length of the chain. Ball chain connectors are a popular accessory for this type of chain as they require no tools to apply or remove. You can layer charms onto this chain or add a simple cross or dog tag.

Cable Chain: this is the most common of all jewelry chains and can be round or oval. It is extremely versatile and works with anything from small charms to pendants. Fine cable chain is beautifully paired with delicate charms or hand stamped discs.

Curb chain: this chain has uniform round or oval links that are often diamond cut making it really shine. This also helps the chain lie flat along the surface. This chain can range to small in size to large enough to wear on its own as a statement piece.

Rolo Chain: this chain is made up of alternating round links. This type of chain is ideal for hanging charms and beads, making it a popular choice for charm bracelets.

Rope Chain: this chain is created by weaving rows of metal links together giving it a rope like effect. This also helps to make the chain very sturdy, making it popular for heavier pendants and tassels.

Satellite/Saturn Chain: this is a small, delicate chain that has small round beads spaced out along the length of the chain. This helps to add visual interest and texture to such a small chain.

Snake Chain: This chain has smooth round metal plates that help it to curve, making it very flexible. This chain is popular for “Pandora style” bracelets. This chain also looks great layered at different lengths.

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