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This week's customer spotlight goes out to Blue Girl Beading from AL!

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Color Me Happy

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Isn’t this a great time of year, with all the beautiful colors of nature? Our inventory matches the shades of summer and specifically our Grade “A” semi precious gemstone beads. With so many lovely colors, like the Aventurine bead in shades of cool grass, the beach blue of Sodalite bead, or even tanned skin in metallic bronzed of the Goldstone bead. These Semi Precious Gemstone Beads are here to make jewelry sizzle.

Treasured for their beauty and durability throughout history, these gemstone beads come in a range of color sure to delight. Buy them by the strand of beautiful, glimmering color and enjoy 4 great sizes ranging from 4MM to 10MM depending on your design needs. Click here to order!

Our Semi Precious Gemstone Beads are mostly flawless, offering bright hues and a perfectly manufactured hole so beaded designs look spectacular.

Color makes the world go round, and we see it everywhere from the tips of our toes to beach chair rows. Indulge in happiness you can wear, and dip into our world of semi-precious gemstone beads.

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Market Price 04/17/2024 EST: 

Sterling Silver: $28.25

Gold: $2369.15

Wholesale jewelry supply sells findings to the trade and specializes in wholesale beads and jewelry making supplies. Our wholesale jewelery findings and bead supplies are of the finest quality with rock bottom prices and personalized customer service that can't be rivaled. Supplying the world in the  wholesale jewellery supply trade for over 30 years! 

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