What to know about Anti-Tarnish Supplies

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Anti-tarnish strips and bags provide jewelry and metal findings with more safety! Less polishing, less cleaning, less damage. These supplies help protect metals by neutralizing pollutant variables that accelerate tarnishing. This resource is perfect for materials stored, packaged, or amid your collection. Items used with these supplies are typically jewelry, musical instruments, coin collections, or any silver, gold, copper, bronze, nickel, tin, and plated metals. To obtain their elegance, metal items need to be kept clean. Anti-tarnish supplies reduce the time you must care for specific jewelry by already keeping it in an environment secure from harsh toxins. Also, they are safe from scratching the metal or altering gemstones in pieces of jewelry. The Anti-Tarnish supplies are especially beneficial for items that are more detailed, harder to polish, and need to be stored to move around frequently. We offer a variety of Intercept Anti-Tarnish Corrosion supplies for your needs.

Anti-Tarnish tabs & Strips

The first supply I will introduce is the Anti-Tarnish tabs and strips. There are several types of anti-tarnish strips offered in the market. The awareness of which type of anti-tarnish supply you select is crucial because some products may still exploit chemicals that should be avoided such as charcoal, nitrates, nitrites, and amines, all of which do not prevent tarnish from occurring. That is why we stick with the selection of Intercept Technology copper-based polymers, which neutralize gases and stop tarnishes from forming on the metal materials. The anti-tarnish supplies eliminate the need to clean and remove tarnish physically. They offer the item the correct environment where tarnishing will not start to form. We have two available sizes, 1x1” tabs in packs of 100 pieces (Item code IS100/100) or 500 pieces (Item code IS100/500) or the 2x7” strips in packs of 20 pieces. (Item code IS2700/20) Once the package is open, place the tab or strip inside a sealed, secure container.

Additional beneficial facts about the Intercept Technology Anti-tarnish tabs are that they are environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, and reduce landfill by breaking down into polymer dust. They are anti-static and protect from electrostatic discharge, adding electronics to the list of materials you can use the tabs for. For smaller packaging measuring up to thirty cubic inches, the 1x1 tab should be sufficient. If you need protection for a larger space, thirty cubic inches to 424 cubic inches, opt for the 2”x7” anti-tarnish strip.     

Anti-Tarnish Zip-lock bags

Another great option for multiple-sized items or displays would be the Anti Tarnish-Corrosion Intercept Translucent zip-lock bags. They guarantee long-term tarnish prevention that can protect metals for up to three to five years! (Depending on the size.) Once the bag begins to turn gray or black, it will be time to change it. The zip-lock bags are bonded with copper particles that react into a polymer matrix that neutralizes all corrosive gases that meet the film just like the technology used to make the material of the Intercept Anti-Tarnish tabs/strips. We currently provide six different sizes of the Anti-Tarnish Zip Lock Bags to choose from in either pack of 10 or 100 pieces. They range from sizes 2x2”, 2x3”, 3x3”, 4x4”, 4x6”, and 6x6”. And if you prefer something more eye-appealing that offers the same protection, the Intercept Anti-Tarnish Velveteen Pouches are another option that we offer in black with drawstrings in packs of 10 pieces. (Item code IS110523/BK/X)

Keep your jewelry safe and eliminate extras steps to do so! No matter which Anti-tarnish supply you choose, rest assured the Anti–Tarnish–Corrosion Intercept Technology material is nontoxic, non-abrasive, temperature and humidity independent, and features a built-in saturation indicator. Each supply is great to use for storage, display, or packaging! These products are for you if you would like to keep the quality of your jewelry and other metals in excellent condition without the hassle of cleaning and polishing all the time. Give them a try and feel secure with the magic these anti-tarnish supplies have to offer!

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