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American Medical ID  was founded by Rick Russell in 1994 and is the leading manufacturer od stylish and high quality medical alert jewelry that customers can wear with pride.

What is a medical ID?

Unlike ordinary jewelry, this type of accessory features a distinct medical emblem to alert responders of a patient's health information. Each medical ID bracelet or necklace is custom-engraved with the wearer's medical condistions, allergies, medications, emergency contacts, and more. A medical ID can effectively speak for someone in an emergency, even if they become unconscious and unable to advocate for themselves.

American Medical ID offers a wide range of medical ID styles designed for men, women, kids, teens, and adults in a variety of high-grade metals such as solid stainless steel, sterling silver, 10kt gold-filled and 10kt and 14kt gold and titanium.

Benefits of wearing a medical ID

Wearing a medical ID helps prevent misdianosis, medical errors, and unnecessary hospital admissions. This is why health organizations around the world recommend wearing a medical ID for health conditions such as diebetes, epilepsy, autism, bleeding disorders, aneurysms, chronic kidney disease, to those who are taking blood thinners or carry an epi-pen and more.

On their website, American Medical ID shares many inspiring customer stories of how their jewelry is touching and saving lives. One customer writes, "American Medical ID has helped in many ways in my life. It's saved my life for many reasons, especially when I'm working and become unconscious and unable to talk. Thank God for American Medical ID for saving me from dying. I really appreciate it."

To bring the benefits of wearing a medical ID closer to more people, American Medical ID actively works with emergency responders, health organizations, medical professionals, and influencers in the health community.

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Market Price 12/13/2019 EST: 

Sterling Silver: $16.86

Gold: $1467.80

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