Crimp Beads : Gold Filled Findings

We offer many different size Gold Filled Crimp Beads within this jewelry supply category.  Crimp Beads are a very small piece of cut tubing that is used to finish off a strand of beads.  Once the cord is placed within the crimp, it is then flattened with jewelry crimping pliers to hold the cord tightly in place.  Our Gold Filled Crimp Beads range in size from 1X1mm through 3X3mm.  We also offer Light Antique Fancy Crimp Beads that tend to dress up the end of the cord that is being secured.   We carry a wide selection of Crimp Beads in Sterling Silver, Silver Filled, Antique Brass, Copper and Base Metal.  Please browse our wholesale website and the Crimp Beads we provide for your jewelry making desires.

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